Kitchen Table Music Blogs are my researches into music topics I am curious about. I am not an expert, and the research isn't particularly academic or rigorous. The blog is mainly for me to record my findings and my opinions. I put them into blog form as that is the most convenient, and provides quick link access to online resources such as Wikipedia, AllMusic and YouTube. I also like blogging as it makes my findings and views available to others who are invited to comment - correcting my mistakes, making suggestions or observations, or directing me to other resources. While I am writing for myself, I do have an "imaginary reader" who I am talking to, and that is likely to be someone like you, so please do leave me a message at the end

Eric Clapton

Score: 77/100

The Kinks

Score: 74/100

Janis Joplin

Score: 71/100

Stevie Wonder
Score: 68/100

Michael Jackson
Score: 63/100

Johnny Cash
Score: 63/100

The Who 
Score: 60/100

Marvin Gaye 
Score: 58/100

Score: 57/100

Elton John
Score: 48/100

Paul McCartney
Score: 48/100

Score: 47/100


Score: 41/100

Curtis Mayfield

Deep Purple

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